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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

Renate Jute

Director – Noble Group

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“Focusing on the business day-to-day was killing me and my bottom line. With Renate in my corner I have more time to focus on what I’m good at”

Annelle de Jager

Director – Astute Legal Cost Consultants


Renate is a great mentor, someone that understands the real struggles of any business. She is a great listener, knowledgeable and friendly. Someone easy to get along with but will hold you accountable. She has been my mentor for the last 2 years, and what a ride it has been.

Her online course that I did was a game changer.

My struggles were that I kept working in my business and not on my business. She helped me realize that putting systems and policies and procedures in place will free me to focus on more important high-end planning and decision-making within my business.

She helped me realize that you need to hand over certain tasks to your staff and trust that they have been through the training policy and procedure to handle any situation.

She helped me develop a culture of nurturing my staff by empowering them with the correct knowledge, tools, and expertise to handle any business situation. We have become the curtain leaders within the industry and have managed to double our turnover during 2020.

Thank you, Renate, for your continued support and Mentor ship.

Hanif Mohamed – CurtainWorld


Having met Renate in 2018 I first came to know her as a coach with an interest in the Enneagram. Since then I have had the good fortune to be on the receiving end of her phenomenal financial counsel which, on one occasion, saved me in excess of 15% of my monthly turnover.

Her training programs are high-impact, practical and geared towards meaningful return on investment. I find that in a financial coaching capacity she adds incredible value taking the course material and adding extra impact to it by customising the approach to each unique situation.

When we have presented courses together, or when I have referred my coaching clients to her for financial coaching I have found her to be very generous in her support and endlessly patient in her knowledge sharing.


Innocente Burger – PerformForward (Pty) Ltd


It was a privilege to meet Renate.  She gave me advice how to manage my money better.  I felt stuck and without any solutions to get rid of my credit cards debt of over 10 years.  Renate was prepared to review my financial statements and budget sheet to give me more realistic ideas how I can change the way I think about monthly deductions like donations to charities, family members, church and how much money are actually being given to the banks the longer I took to pay of my dept.  She helped me to see that I need to take control of my money because at that stage my money controlled me.  Her advice was to get rid of my credit cards dept first and that if I started to practice self-discipline it can be finalized within 1 year.
I can testify with a joy full heart that Renate’s advice worked!  I have managed to practice her advice and still have about 3 months left to pay off my credit cards dept.  I owe Renate a slice of cake to celebrate this milestone!
Thank you Renate for helping me to change the way I think about money!
Louise Wheatley


I first met Renate when she appeared as a guest on my podcast. Combining her many years of financial know-how with a knack for being able to drill down to the root of a problem, she is an absolute wealth of information. Since our initial conversation, she has become a frequent and reliable source of business advice for me, providing me with many a suggestion and resource gained from her personal experience as a business owner who helps other business owners.  Her friendly, no-nonsense approach to challenges relieves you of the, at times, confusing backend stuff with confidence.  If you’re looking for better ways of running your business, I highly recommend speaking to Renate!

Megan D’Arcy – Megamalist


Thank you so much Renate Jute for the time and effort you put into this workshop. Your knowledge, energy and passion for both people and the topics you covered is something businesses need desperately, especially in our current time. I truly benefited from the workshop and I’m motivated to take the necessary steps identified during the workshop, to optimise my business.

Leonie Fourie – Uniquely You


Thanks for the most informative workshop. Certainly lots to review and put in place. Definitely recommend you continue to offer this workshop as it makes easy understanding and implementing. Loved the team dynamics

Lisa Januario –  ECD


Renate is a highly skilled tax and Trust Accounting specialist who has the innate ability to identify potential problems and advise on solutions before they cause chaos. She is also a master at helping you sort out the chaos if you didn’t have her on your team from the beginning! I have learned so much from Renate over our time working together; she always has me smiling when figures, tax and complicated legal documents have her brimming with excitement. Seeing first-hand how she has helped her clients and had such a positive effect on their businesses, gives me absolute confidence in recommending her to others.

Michelle Macfarlane – Dragon Consulting


Renate helped me with a complex trust, company and estate planning proposal for a client. Her knowledge, attention to detail whilst keeping everything understandable for all parties is greatly appreciated. Renate is fantastic 👍🏼

Terence Tobin – Rich Ideas


RENATE was very Articulate and precise when I first heard her at Real Connection 2020. It made me approach her thereafter and she booked for our first Zoom Meeting which turned out to be very successful more than I expected. She is a very detailed Professional with numerous qualifications and accreditations you will never find very common. Her personal service delivery is very powerful and surprising too. Just deal with her and see for yourself. Her experience in Finance, Business Development, etc is second to none.

Chibuike Egbujiem – Sound Mind Build Up