The Challenge

Going at it alone left me feeling like I was constantly putting out fires and not getting to the fulfil my personal desires of why I started my business in the first place. Dealing with all the finances and administration in my business was eating into every minute of my day. I was feeling demotivated and exhausted.

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The Process

The first step was to order the chaos. We established all the relevant bookkeeping and administration processes and requirements, set up order and flow, and automated previous manual processes. Once the bookkeeping and admiration leg of my business was organised, I was able to enroll the services of a part-time assistant to attend to this aspect of the business whilst I could focus on my core value add to my business.

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I am finally invoicing my customers on time, payments are received when due, client relationships and retention has dramatically improved and I have completely fallen in love with my business again. I cannot believe I tried to do it all myself when help was just a phone call away. My relationship with Noble Prosperity will continue for the long run.

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Renate Jute

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