As we continue forward into 2022, COVID seems to phase out of the everyday conversation, to be eclipsed by the unrest in Russia and the Ukraine, the unprecedented fuel and food prices, and the never-ending grumblings in the political arena.

And amidst all this noise we are expected to keep our wits about us, keep the business doors open, and keep a positive mindset.

But, how do you avoid being swallowed by the whirlpool of emotions washing through you, and over you every day as you try to get ahead in business?

Let’s look at five handy tools that could do the trick:

  1. Find the silence

Take time out of your day, every day to reconnect with yourself. Find 10 minutes of uninterrupted silence and just breath. And whilst you’re at it, think of at least three things to be grateful for at that moment.

  1. No is your friend

Learn to say no to non-essential interruptions. Time and energy should be spent on moving you forward.

  1. Purge the toxic

Don’t surround yourself with negative people, images, messages or the like. You become who you surround yourself with.

  1. Heed counsel with caution

Be mindful of who you take advice from, and never accept criticism from someone you would not go to for advice.

  1. Call a mentor

Find a reliable objective soundboard, coach, or mentor – someone that resonates with you and that can help you cut through the noise and regain clarity


Emotions are required to stoke the fire in our belly that is necessary for business, but emotional overwhelm will dull your senses, and make it impossible to make the decisions required in business.

If you need assistance to cut through the noise and restore calm, feel free to schedule a meeting with me.

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