During November I focused on business optimisation. But what is the impact of business optimisation on strategic decision-making?

In my view strategic planning and decision-making is similar to setting the course for a specific destination, whereas the foundational and human elements of business optimisation is similar to the vessel and the sails that will keep us on course and get us to the destination.

Global and internal trends impact our business. To survive and thrive we need to understand these trends and strategically plan the way forward.

But for strategic planning to convert to action we need the foundation and the people of our business to support the plan.

  • Budgets, cashflow and resources need to support the overheads and human resources for the course we are on
  • Back-end operations and automation need to fulfil demands on sales, supply, distribution and customer service
  • Compliance, policies and procedures need to ensure limited risk and clear communication
  • Our team needs to be in flow and committed, delivering maximum contribution

Taking the lessons learned from 2020, ensuring the foundation of our business is secure and optimising the human element in our business will pave the way to better informed and more sustainable strategic decisions heading into 2021 and beyond.

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Published On: November 23rd, 2020 / Categories: Small Medium Enterprise (SME) / Tags: , , /

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