So, what is Business Optimisation and what is the big hype about it?

Let me tell you my view

For the last number of years I have worked with more business owners than I can remember, many of them firmly imprinted in my mind.

What I found working with these amazingly talented, tenacious and often inspiring individuals is that we all have the ability to do many things but for the most part we truly excel at only a few things, and that is our superpower.

I also learned that what made businesses hugely successful wasn’t only the vision and the superpower of the founders, but the teams they surrounded themselves with as well as the ability to measure, tweak, improve and where needed pivot or reinvent.

For me, Business Optimisation is the ability to in a very structured approach unpack the issues that uncover the true cause of the pains and frustrations in the business and then to develop an implementable approach with clear actionable steps, timeframes and measurements. It is pinpointing areas of lack or improvement or enhancement in the business as well as the ability to continuously measure, tweak, improve and where needed pivot or reinvent.

For every business this will look different, but for every business the end goal is the same – to meet the goals and desires of the business owners. The key to success with Business Optimisation is to clearly establish the often-changing pains and frustrations in business and what the true goals and desires are.

Ok, so we now know what Business Optimisation is, but how does it work?

Business Optimisation stretches over all aspects of the business, measuring how optimally all units work together.

Often what we find in small and medium businesses is that the founder has a particular talent and started the business. Through many hours of hard work, little sleep and much stress the business took shape and grew year on year. During the years of toil however there was little regard for policies, procedures and compliance, which is often one of the challenges in later years. Effective management of budgets, finances and teams put further pressure on the business with quality control, marketing, sales and customer service often derailing perceived successful businesses.

With so many balls to keep your eye on it’s little wonder we don’t get to it all.

Ideally, Business Optimisation should yield very clear results within 3 months. It may be a big elephant eaten in small bites and may very well take longer than 3 months or it may be 1 very well thought through simple intervention that yields virtually immediate results. For me the main criteria are clear, actionable, implementable, measurable steps within clear time frames.

Why did I write this article? Because Business Optimisation is my superpower.

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