15 Entrepreneurs share the surprising leadership lessons they wish they’d learned sooner

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough without the daily curve balls. During my years in business I’ve learned to appreciate  coaches and mentors, for the value they added.

I happened upon an article listing some leadership lessons and thought it would be of value to entrepreneurs.

Herewith the list of 15 lessons:

  1. Expectations set the tone; accountability closes the loop
  2. Listen and ask questions before you speak
  3. Good leaders keep learning
  4. The best leaders take the focus off themselves
  5. Lead based on personalities, not titles
  6. Manage upward so your team doesn’t have to
  7. Be willing to take risks, even when failure could cost you your reputation
  8. You need to inspire and care for your team
  9. Focus on preventative measures
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  11. Leadership is about relationships, not hierarchy
  12. Your vulnerability and transparency will motivate employees
  13. Hire for talent, not longevity
  14. Learn to lead yourself first
  15. Just be yourself

Read the full article by Forbes Couches Council


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