ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT, 1965 (ACT NO. 66 OF 1965) Amendment of regulations

Please note the recent amendment to the Administration of Deceased Estates Act published in Government Gazette no 41224 on 3 Nov 2017.

Masters fees are now:
“(1) On all estates of deceased persons or estates under curatorship or administration in terms of the Mental Health Care Act, 2002
(Act No. 17 of 2002), (except estates under the custody of an interim curator pending the appointment of an executor) the gross value of which according to the executor’s or curator’s account―
(a) is R250 000 or more but less than R400 000: R600;
(b) is R400 000 or more for each complete further R100 000 with which the gross value exceeds R400 000, a further R200;
Subject to a maximum fee of R7 000.
Where the deceased was one of two spouses married in community of property the said fees shall be assessed upon the gross assets of the joint

This will be effective 1 January 2018 and shall only apply to the estate of persons who die on or after 1 January 2018.

Government Gazette no 41224 dated 3 November 2017:   Ammendmends to the Adminstration of Deceased Estates Act

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