Tax Season Opens in 2 Short Weeks

The 2018 tax filing season (1 March 2017 – 28 February 2018) will open in just 2 weeks’ time, and we just wanted to share with you the most common documents you may need to file your return.


  1. IRP5 – your payslips for the year all summarised into one document, your employer should have given this to you by now.
  2. Medical Aid Tax Certificate – Summary of your Medical Aid Membership.
  3. IT3b/IT3c – Summary of all the interest, dividends and capital gains through your investments.
  4. Retirement Annuity Certificate – Your contribution certificate for the year.
  5. PBO Certificate – Summary of the charitable amounts you gave during the tax year.
  6. Travel Logbook – Details of all the business trips you made and who you saw, as well as the opening and closing km for the tax year.


These may not all apply for you, but are a great checklist to see if you have included everything relevant to filing your tax return. 


Please get in touch with your Personal Tax Consultant to attend to your tax returns soonest.


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