How to become successful quicker


Yes, we can become successful quicker. It is possible to speed up the process. Why drag out the process when we can make things happen by doing things now more effectively and with bigger results.



Think about it…We waste a quarter of every day by:

  • Meeting those we don’t need too.
  • Doing things that are not results orientated.
  • Focusing on things that are urgent as opposed to concentrating our energies on the important stuff.
  • Worrying about the bad things that are never going to happen.
  • Procrastinating … I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • Saying yes to everyone, when in most cases, we should be saying no.
  • Exposing ourselves to negative people.
  • Not seizing opportunities because of the fear of failure.
  • Losing opportunities due to indecisiveness.

The fact is that most people will waste 5 of their next 15 years!

Let’s have a look at few tips to speed up the success process:

Act quickly on opportunities

If you see what you want, do it, before you lose the chance. Be decisive, don’t procrastinate – make it happen. If it fails, change direction and move on quickly to the next project. Remember changing direction when you need to, is smart and is not a failure – you only fail when you stop moving and give up trying.

Be fast

Push yourself to walk faster, talk faster, read faster and move faster. Constantly look for faster methods to get the same result. Send and return communications with as little delay as possible. Whenever you think something can’t be done quickly, ask “Why not?” Keep up your speed with good habits: sufficient sleep, good food, great company, positive outlook and regular exercise.

Reduce or eliminate people or things that delay or stop you from moving quickly

Surround yourself with the right people NOW – soar with the eagles that fly high. You become like the people you hang around with the most. Surround yourself with successful, like-minded and positive people. You will then have no choice but to be successful. If you hang around with unsuccessful people then you will find it impossible to become successful.

Set tough deadlines for completing tasks and then make them happen

Ask for the business, and ask NOW – don’t wait for weeks before following up on potential deals. Your potential client will respect your enthusiasm. We can build relationships quicker and do business sooner.


Article by Mike Anderson – NSBC Founder & CEO

Published On: January 23rd, 2018 / Categories: Executive Coaching / Tags: , , , /

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